Worst Careers,Life Ruined,Beer,Fake Degree,Stress Banana,Top Reddit Questions,Trainee Jail,Escaped Goats...Jackpot,boobs,send nudes - Ep. 22 - Funny News Comedy

We kick off this week's podcast with a quick callout to Chipotle's food poisoning incident, and to the 'radio voice' featuring a Janis Joplin tribute band, and Molly Hatchet. So the 'D' has betrayed Honch, divulging details about a cruise that Honch bought for his wife..because D didn't know the details. And not to sidetrack, have you ever had trash grits? It has pork belly, but that tarnishes everything because D ruined Honch's life. I guess we'll resort to drinking beer. Hackerman had some pretty interesting news coming out of the U.S; a senate member (well, she's actually running for the house of representatives) has posted her degree, which she didn't actually get. Multiple people called her out - including the university that she claimed to get it from. She 'studied' marketing, but as it turns out, the university doesn't even offer that - irony. After talking about fake degrees, we found a question from Reddit - wondering what the most disliked professions are from consumers. Proctology could be one - or customer service. That seems to be a theme. It seems that customer service is the most hated - by everyone, including the customer service people. Jethrow's wife used to like people until she had a customer service job. Life tip: Don't yell at trainees - especially if you see Honch washing dishes. Side discussion, are trainee badges get out of jail free cards? Something big, besides potatoes, happened in Idaho. Residents in town, somewhere in there, there were 100 goats running rampant, eating everything in peoples' yards - everything in sight. They eventually got them under control, but for awhile people were...well, panicked. We have no idea what happened after that.

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