6 yr Old McDonalds Burger on eBay, Wife Coffee Corpse,BBC,Viagra Lawsuit,Reddit Temptations,Wrestlers, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Ray Romano, Ramen Noodles, Jurassic World - Ep. 21 - Funny News Comedy

We started the podcast by not starting it the way it should start, with an intro. We actually just started talking about "Weekend at Bernie's" and the dance from Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Once we realized we should probably kick things off, we finally kicked it off. Going through introductions, we keep it very open. Honch was talking about his wife's coffee, he accidentally used the word corpse, but we assure you that his wife is alive. Apparently her coffee order is getting more complicated, and he is so mad about it. Why can't you just order a regular coffee? Cold pressed, brewed, a venti,smoked,double espressor, more cream. And not to totally go off the side, but what do people get when they are searching for BBC on the Internet? Do they really get the news, but get other results? After talking about coffee, we went onto wrestles, Macho Man, Hulk Hogan, and Owen Hart. So CVS is being sued - this is what happens; he was getting Viagra and paying cash, and his wife called about his medications, and found out that her husband was taking it. He is now going after the chain of pharmacies. Apparently, the man's marriage has broken down. What is the most temping that that isn't worth it? Honch thinks that it is anal - on either end of the conversation, as long as you give him a McCafe. Telling your wife "I told you so." is probably something you would regret. The D was tempted to use the meat slicer at the deli counter, which would probably always end in a devestation. A woman showed up to winning the lottery in an emoji mask. That is one way to show up so people don't know who you are at the end of the day. And have you ever purchased McDonalds and just left it out to see it not age? A man took a 6 year old Big Mac and fries and put them up for sale on eBay. The eBay team ended up taking them down. If you listen for anything, just listen because of the phrase "Raymond Noodles". And did you know that Ramen Noodles come on halves?

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