Women,Baseball Food Destroys Face,Reddit Life Lessons,Seinfeld Fantasizing,Volcano Cooking,Would You Rather R. Kelly- Ep. 20 - Funny News Comedy

On this week's episode, we starting out by being not sorry about anything, with a quick hommage to some weird 50's and 60's songs. And how we like our women - coffee, and other various things. We immediately give Hackerman a host of stage names all driven by web tech; PHP, DJ Ruby on Rails, etc. To kick us off, Honch talks about announcing at a race track to get into a news story about a woman getting hit in the face with a hot dog, because as it turns out, if you use an air cannon - people get shot. We guess that is an easy way to get food, albeit something wrapped in duct tape, frankly... So after digging around Reddit, Jethrow wanted to get into some life lessons, including letting other kids borrow your bike, playing with scissors and electricity, and we eventually get into talking about volcanoes. Long story short, you shouldn't try to cook food over a volcano. Would you cook something over a Volcano? After talking about who knows what, Hackerman drops us (in British accent), 'would you rathers' concerning something we did disuss already somewhat; drinking sweat or hot dog water, so we had to get a new one. Would you rather always feel itchy or feel like you have to pee all the time.

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