Buying Lube on Amazon,Nicolas Cage and Muppets,Jurassic Park,Moon Dust vs NASA, Kardashians,Bad Interview Questions, DMX is Kid Rock - Ep. 19 - Funny News Comedy

On this episode of Delay Radio, we bring on our newest member, hackerman (is it pronounced hackerman, or hackermen?) and we'll probably spend the rest of eternity trying to shorten his name. Honch went on vacation to Atlanta, Georgia, where he subjected his family to our very own podcast for hours on end -- all the way from Michigan to Georgia. Instead of playing it over his Bluetooth connection, he listened to it over the phone. We're still not sure how he was driving, but apparently it was with one hand against his wife's face. He continued to laugh at all of his own jokes, and perhaps while maintaining an erection. Once the Honch was done talking about vacation, he ended up shopping for lube on Amazon. We don't know why he was shopping lube, but he found a 55 gallon drum on Amazon - which pairs well with his Wish app; he's trying to get a deal. How much is too much lube? (trick question). Turns out that he could get Prime shipping on a massive drum of lube, who knew? So once we were done talking about Honch's lube, we got some questions from Reddit. The question was what film would include one real actor and the muppets. Immediately, Hackerman chimes in with a movie starring Nicolas Cage - it just makes sense. We also talk about Tom Hanks, who is a panel favorite. After talking about who knows what, a woman is proactively suing NASA to keep a vile of moon dust given to her by Neil Armstrong (it wasn't lube). The 'priceless lunar particles' are inherently property of the United State government, so this may be a tricky lawsuit, especially when the woman had posessed the lunar dust since she was 10 years old. Scientists are currently researching the dangers of moon dusts. Maybe that is also on Amazon, maybe not. Jethrow follows up with more questions from Reddit, including questions that you ask the interviewer at a job interview. Honch was interviewed by D for his job - and D made all of the efforts to be as creepy as possible. Honch asked him what he did at the company he interviewed at. Jethrow asked (before being interrupted from a barking animal creature) what he would need to do to take someone's job. Did you know that DMX is the rap equivelant of Kid Rock - and we quickly ran out of time. We survived - hopefully you made it through.

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