Star Wars Airport, Cryogenic Allergies, Minnesota Accent, Cheap Legal Advice, Arbys Coke, Fresh Beef, Video Game Character Names - Ep. 14 - Funny News Comedy

In this episode, Steve North is still out hanging with Flo-rida, but is possibly handling diplomatic meetings between the Karate kid and Cobra Kai (sp?). As you all may have known, May the 4th was upon us, and the London Heathrow Airport may have had the best Star Wars reference. Their flight board featured flights to various locations from the movies, including a 'cancelled' flight for Princess Leah. We thought that was pretty awesome...and the force was definetely strong with them. D opens up about a Facebook ad that he got from a company called Molekule. The company at first wanted him to cryogenically freeze his body, but then he got another ad later to just buy a air purifier....well, that was dialed back really quick. All of that for having allergies." After discussing allergies, Jethrow found some questions from the web. Where do people go for low cost legal advice in Oregon? Certainly not Delay Radio....but we would love to hear what your legal dilemma is. We'll do our best to give you some friendly advice. Honch says that good advice ain't cheap, and cheap advice ain't good. Look for the law firm that has that slogan, and then you're pretty set...but hopefully not life in prison. So Honch has something that he needs all of you to know about when he was travelling back from Minnesota. He discovered that Arby's now has Coke and not Pepsi. So Honch ordered a coke and was beside himself...sucking it down fast, and then goes Facebook live because he couldn't help himself. He has declared Arbys the king of fast food. He is out of his mind, or is he? Jethrow discovers another question from the Internet. They are trying to figure out good names for video game characters, maybe give them something viral, know, whatever else you come up with. We get diverted a little bit..trying to figure out famous people that have died from STD's.

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