Man attacked by shark, bear, and snake. Obnoxious vegans, New pizza cereal, Alabama poop train from New York . - Ep. 11 - Funny News Comedy

We kick off this funny/comedy news episode being whatever we want to be, or whatever we identify as (some of us are French maybe). Steve North kicks us off with him wanting D to shut up, but immediately wants him to start talking again because he has some comedy news to deliver. A man from Colorado (stoned?) has been attacked by lions and tigers and bears (oh my). Not really, he was attacked by a shark, he's been mauled by a bear, and bitten by a rattlesnack within a few year period. In his latest encounter, he was attacked by a shark and ended up with only 7 stitches. The man was also once sleeping when a bear started to bite his head. Smokey the bear doesn't have anything on this guy. At the end of the day, with these attacks maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time....3 times. Honch goes into a story about saving a puppy (which didn't really happen) to impress someone, but he really just cut his hand on Spaghettios. Steve North's wife had to get some stitches, but she was opening a banana. Bears and snakes...and sharks. Oh my. After attacking that topic (3 times)...Jethrow goes into a question from '?' on Yahoo! Answers. If you're not vegan, what do you have against going vegan? Honch just thinks it is stupid, Steve North writes down that it sucks. Nothing is more official than when you write it down, and you should leave Steve North alone because he likes to eat animals....for every one animal a vegan doesn't eat, he'll eat 3. Koalas, Toucans, and whatever else you could think of. Why are they made so delicious? (Hint of the episode): None of us are Vegan. Honch's wife was actully vegetarian (or maybe she was vegan) when they started dating...which didn't last long. If you do you know whether or not something tastes like its meat counterpart. But you don't really have to cook any of it. We went from veganism to poop trains in about 3 seconds. Honch found this story while spending his time on the toilet. Parish, Alabama is a small town with a giant train...carrying New York's poop. There is a lot of paper work (is it rolls of paper work...maybe a lot of red ink involved in this one). There is a giant stinking train stuck in the town...and they can't keep it moving, which is on its way to Georgia. If it is stuck in the town, is the town constipated? Now we have to get on the Internet and define what a 'Alabama poop train' is. We have no idea what is's a #2 world problem. Jethrow takes us on a sidebar with a conversation that he had with his wife, which led to a secret menu item at a local pizza joint. Jethrow is one of 'those people' who is into having his toppings on the side. Jethrow will eat it for breakfast...and created a new cereal called 'Opps All Meat', which maybe is a cereal that is made by accident...and yes it has pepperoni and animal shapes. Steve North scared D to death with his little boy impression. We'll leave you put to all of that together by listening to the podcast episode. After diving out the world of the comedic world of news, would you like to have some fart breath, how about a gallon of essential peppermint oil to fix that? Somehow we ended up on essential idea. We end the episode with a 'would you rather' about a 45 minute....something..walk, run? D wouldn't do any of those things...because he has a hard time getting to the fridge. In the ends we learned about being bitten, vegans are obnoxious, poop train is real, Opps all meat is a new cereal that we hope hits grocery store shelves. (don't steal this Nabisco).

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