Bitcoin scamming raccoon, drug dealer calls 911, loot crates, sweaty dating tips - Ep. 10 - Funny News Comedy

In this episode, Honch starts us off immediately with a self-proclaimed drug dealer who calls 911 to report a stolen bag of cocaine (If that's not comedy news, we don't know what is). And heard that right...a drug dealer called the cops because someone stole his cocaine. 32 year old David Blackman called the cops because someone stole money out of his car....and yes, again someone stole the blow out of his car. We wonder if he would try to also get an insurance claim. At the end of the day, he was arrested 'without violence'. He should have probably blamed someone else for that..including him crapping his pants (he didn't do that, but we imagined that it could happen). After a foiled drug deal, Jethrow finds 'another Brenda' on Yahoo Answers! who wants to know what would be in the loot crate if you died in this very moment....except not in a video game, Brenda wants to know what you would have in yours..but in real life. Ours would include sugar, cell phones, a bag of skittles, and Honch's dignity....and some enchiladas (half shredded chicken and half beef...with extra guacamole and sour cream). Okay let's get real...we somehow always bring up food. If you're familiar with Bitcoin, you don't want to miss this one. A would be Bitcoin scammer... and let your imagination go wild on this one: A man dresses up like a raccoon to steal Bitcoin. That's right...a conartist was conned. A man had to dress up like a racoon...and you just have to listen to hear the entire story (and Google it 'bitcoin raccoon'). What started as a Facebook message request quickly turned into a fun opportunity...and it's Internet gold. How many times have you been scammed in many emails have you received from the 'bank of Nigeria'? Because maybe we should turn it around on them too! After getting away from all the Bitcoin talk, Jethrow gives us another question from Yahoo Answers! And it is from a user's name that we cannot pronounce. We come up with an interesting way to create usernames or passwords as a part of a sidebar, but what they were really interested in was some advice on getting a date while wrapping cutlerly. What we still don't know what 'new sweat' it a good thing, bad thing? We don't really know because there was a lot of broken English in Darrin's quest to get dating advice while standing on a bar..and as we stated earlier, wrapping forks and sporks and spoons and butter knives. We suggest that he should just crowd surf. But we were interuppted by some stabbing...(stabby stab stab). We come to the end of the episode with a few 'would you rathers' that begins with a terrible Guns N Roses impresion. Would you rather spend the night enclosed in a coffin in your bedroom, or be locked in a funeral home for the night...but be free to waunder? Honch would rather just eat at McDonalds. We were also sidetracked by what sounded like a 21 gun salute...and a bad AC/DC impression from D. We then follow-up with another would you rather....would you pee in your pants in front of everyone, or be unable to stop laughing at your grandmother's funeral. Most of us would end up dead if we did....well all of those things. All in all...we have no idea what just happened.

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