Dead man is alive, Inception, peeing in Elevators, rich like Kardashians? - Ep. 7 - Funny News Comedy

In this Episode of Delay Radio, Honch has disappeared into the dark abyss of the Internet and will summon soon. D, Jethrow, and Steve North ponder life; What if you moved to multiple countries, only to be filed as being 'officially dead' in your home country, yet you're an ACTUAL ALIVE PERSON!? Hey sometimes life is comedy, or at least funny news. We talk about what happens when everyone thinks you're dead..and no one believes becomes an international crisis that summons an IHOP competitor. After the the news wire goes dead, Jethrow digs into questions from the Interweb (Usually Yahoo! Answers), where we talk about Carly (iCarly? no one will know), and her underlying anger from her friend Kate who refuses to stop copying here, including her Hawaiian and Jewish heritage of taking up hula hooping...suddenly Kate is a dancer too? Do you even know how to hula bruh? We fail at giving Kate advice as to how to handle this with her friend, which may or may not involve shaving her head, tattoos (or maybe something semi-permanent....marker?). Stop copying Carly, Kate. She's the real Carly, all of those other Carlys are just imitating. Somehow all of that is related to the movie Inception...which results in getting the actors in the movie wrong..wasn't Steve Buscemi in that movie alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (we didn't really know how to spell his name). Maybe we haven't seen the movie enough to get the faces right. After giving Kate some advice, D follows up with something happening in the far east, particularly a young boy who decided to go into an Elevator and get 'pissed' in China. Literally. That was enough to break the elevator down. If you push all of the buttons on an elevator, will it eventually work? Who knows, but the kid was caught on camera going frantic after peeing everywhere. Long story short, don't go crazy in an elevator, and don't use it has a bathroom, you'll become a PSA announcement for your local government. After discussing have a #1 issue in an elevator, Jethrow dives back into questions from the Interweb, Internet, WWW, Deep Web (whatever you call it). 'Say It Like You Mean It' asks what to do staying in a Bed and Breakfast in severe Winter weather, and they are no t sure what to do. We revert back to pissing in the elevator as something to do, and perhaps this is an opportunity to go full 'Shining' being stuck in a snow storm; going full Jack Nicholson. After being thrown off topic, D discusses how far he would go for a cup of wasn't a 5 minute ride to the local Starbucks, it was...well several hours. How far would you drive? We close out the episode with an experimentation in our own limits, as Steven North would say. With awkward vocal harmonies, we ponder being stupid and rich, vs super smart and poor (did anyone think of the Kardashians?). Most of us rather have the us the money, give us all of the riches. And as far as dating goes, have you ever dealt with a very loud talker or someone who constantly stares? Which one would you rather date...maybe Jethrow's game of 'who can talk louder?' is a great dating game. Jethrow closes us out with one last 'would you rather', involving dressing as a banana or being nude at a formal dinner. It ends out with a terrible dad joke, and that's okay.

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