Drunk with the cops, heavy petting, poutine - Ep. 5 - Funny News Comedy

We offer you a few comedy moments to cherrish during this episode. Did you know that there are cops out there that want you to be drunk, and they will pay? Yes, you read that right. You have the right to remain intoxicated if you spend some time with some Canadian police officers. After walking the fine line of the sobriety test, we go onto discuss macaroni and cheese and how it relates to sex fails. Who knew that macaroni and cheese could be so dirty. We don't stop at little pasta noodles, the Honch spoon feeds more sex fails, including his own story...handcuffs not sold separately. Before we dove into some other news, there was a 'mic failure' but it happens. And when you go to Vegas, you should probably do so during Halloween, because you end up wearing a skeleton costume with an inflatable (you guess it). And we close it out with our 'would you rather segment', and there was a lot of gagging over the microphones...sorry about that. We may or may not keep you from eating bacon bits ever again in your life. But we won't ruin Poutine for you. So satisfying.

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