Sex toy food delivery, tiny condoms, killer cheesecake - Ep. 3 - Funny News Comedy

We go full moron with new show addition Mike Honcho..aka 'Honch'. First, Honch takes us knee deep into his love of obscure sexual news...located in the pits or bowels of the web, or better known as the taint or angry spider of the Internet (in his words). As it turns out, a lot of condoms are made in China..and it doesn't really go over well in the country of Zimbabwe (D didn't really know that it was in Africa) they are a bit snug. Side discussion..the number of Octomom's kids maybe related to video game bits (8-bit,etc)...or the Big Montana from Arby's? Somehow that's connected..but you'll hear how that plays out. Maybe...maybe not...Furthermore, Honch goes on to ponder his own existence and how it may have been stopped. We also learned to not Google "BBC".. and it's not the British news. We learned it the hard way, not the easy way. We couldn't leave the 'sex' topic off the table after the BBC incident, so have you ever wanted a snack after sex? You see people smoke and have cigarettes in the movies afterwards...we like snacks. There is a sex toy that handles the whole situation for you, and you'll be delighted with whatever the delicatessan brings you; you'll be looking to dine and dash AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE (c'mon 2 day shipping). And since we're talking about about some killer cheesecake? As it turns out, after a host of charges, a Russian woman poisons her own sister with cheesecake and acts like it never happened (after the sister survived). We learned a lot...needless to say you will too. And just like any food in life, it's a mouthful.

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