Tattoo fails, pranking a cop Home Alone style, and Transformers vs Harry Potter - Ep. 2 - Funny News Comedy

We go headfirst (feet first, or sideways?) into funny news from the week. We browsed Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat (and all) to find out that when people get tattoos of Chinese symbols, maybe they don't quite translate well and they don't even know? We found some of the worst Chinese translations (hint: think Chinese menu items..think Kung Pao Chicken on the back of your neck)...sometimes known as 'Engrish' when translations go's a 2 way street...slang. Sometimes you just really need Google Translate. When people ask strange questions on what to do...we love it. One guy wonders what would happen if he goes 'Home Alone' on a cop that lives in his neighborhood..and let's just say it involves a doggy door and a hose. That leads us to ask so many questions; Is booby trapping considered assault, and would dogs on swings or jet packs be a good option...maybe raptors from Jurassic Park? Maybe we're not the best legal advice (we can't give any, so consult your attorney). Would the Transforms ever play qudditch with Harry Potter characters? We took a question from the Internet about a fan fiction plotline, and totally destroyed it. And somehow Elon Musk gets looped into it with his Tesla (Transformers meets electric cars). Once we got into the top of Transformers it very quickly into Camaros playing Quidditch against...and once getting into the subject of robots, it's hard not to talk about Johnny 5 from "Short Circuit". We end the episode with a 'would you rather' situations (you can look up the like the 'professionals' handle it. The question posted involves sneezing or hitting your funny bone, which as it turns out is striking a nerve. Either way, we'll leave you rested on fluffy clouds.

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