#004- "The Kryptonite To Depression Is Connection"

David has been telling both kids and adults for years that “connection is the kryptonite for depression” , and this is exactly what he taught to Heidi, her husband and son during their first counseling session. In episode #4, Heidi and David discuss the challenges and importance of creating real connections. Since social media and our virtual relationships aren’t going away anytime soon, what are some ways that we can encourage and foster real-life interaction? It’s imperative for individuals to realize how critical real connections are to our well-being as a humans! By simply having conversations about this concept inside our families, it will create awareness of the need for real connections! Since you can’t work on something you don’t know is a problem, awareness is the first hurdle! Because creating connection requires patience and effort, it won’t come easy…but understanding that can help create appropriate expectations, and a desire to allow them to happen! Oh and remember, you have to ‘go first’.

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