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Sometimes you meet someone who you just know is going to be a good friend. Michelle Briley is one of those people for me. She is a great woman, and someone who I have known and enjoyed while we both have embarked on our spiritual journey. Michelle Briley is the President of The Junior League of Lufkin which is about women building better communities. Today, we talk about a unique program that Michelle started to help girls establish a solid footing in life and have the self-esteem to grow up to be the great women they were meant to be. Seventh grade can be a tough time for girls, yet that is the age bracket where the foundations of their self-esteem are forged. Through the Girls Rock Academy and the Beautiful Me program girls who are at the most risk are mentored to build the esteem needed to help reach their true potential. The brilliance and kindness of this program just might bring a tear to your eye. You can find Michelle here: Girls Rock Academy
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Junior League of Lufkin on Facebook Show Notes [02:41] Melissa invited Michelle to church after their kids were playing together. They also did a bible study together. They already had rapport, but they don't remember the first night they met. [04:18] Melissa remembers getting to know Michelle at bible study. [05:19] Melissa used to call after work drinks bible study. One night they also had bible study at a Mexican restaurant. That is where they really shared and opened up. [06:29] Michelle was reserved about sharing in the bible study group. [07:12] What happens in Bible study, stays in Bible study. Eventually, Michelle began to open up. [07:25] Michelle was wanting a more intimate relationship with God, but she really didn't know how. [07:39] She grew up strict Southern Baptist and knew God and knew the Scriptures. [07:58] Michelle decided to open up and work through her issues and improve her personal relationship with God. [08:57] Michelle got to meet the Holy Spirit. She never realized she could have a relationship with Him. [09:56] Live by the nudge or that thing that you feel in your heart that is the Holy Spirit. [10:45] The Bible study class made Michelle feel like she was worthy. She had never thought before that she was good enough. [11:18] She learned that we are God's children, and that he is a king, so we are a king's children. [11:26] Holding onto the thought of being God's child is such a comfort. [12:56] Moving with the power and the authority that the Scripture enables in you is really empowering. [13:34] How in order for Michelle to grow and continue her journey, she had to let some friends go that weren't on the same path as her. [15:30] Michelle was the provisional trainer for the Junior League of Lufkin, Texas. She wanted to do a class project that made a difference. [15:50] She discovered that seventh grade girls were in the process of laying the foundation of their self-esteem. This meant that who they were going to be and what they thought of themselves was determined at that age level. [17:36] How seventh-grade can be tough for most girls. Melissa and Michelle had wonderful parents, but just think of the girls who don't have that. [17:52] 92% of teen girls would like to change something about the way they look. Body weight ranks the highest. [18:26] In order to help girls determine a positive self-worth for the rest of their life Michelle and her team put together a program called Beautiful Me. [18:51] The program was started three years ago to help these seventh grade girls feel good about themselves and their lives. [19:12] These were girls and needed a strong woman in their lives. [19:25] They developed a basic mentor program. [19:55] These girls were taken to a clothing store called Belk and allowed to pick out an outfit of their choice. [20:28] They also treated the girls to a beauty makeover with hairstylist and makeup. [21:01] Then they took them to a women's luncheon to see other women succeed and other women celebrating each other. [21:22] This year, they have an in-school program called Girls Rock Academy. [21:35] It's a structured mentor program where they meet with the girls at least two times a month. They talk about everything from self-esteem, social media to dining table etiquette. [22:31] At the end of the Academy, they participate in Beautiful Me. It's a goal to have this at all the schools. [23:33] The desires and the dreams of these young girls are incredible. [25:45] They have the curriculum, they have laid the foundation, and they know what they are looking for. They could roll out this program at any school. [27:06] This is not an expensive event. You just need to find the connections to make it happen and step out of your comfort zone to help these future women of the world. [27:23] If you find yourself with time to give, don't sit on it. Do something valuable. [28:43] Michelle wants to instill in these girls that it is their hearts that matter. [32:57] The lightning round. [33:56] How Melissa feels better after being around Michelle. Thanks for joining us on Ordinary People Ordinary Things. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes and leave a nice review. Just like your mother taught you. Links and Resources: Podcast Web Page Facebook Page @MsMelissaRadke on Instagram @msmelissaradke on Twitter This Sucks But God Is Good (online course) Eat Cake. Be Brave Belk Girls Rock Academy Beautiful Me Junior League of Lufkin Junior League of Lufkin on Instagram Junior League of Lufkin on Facebook  

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