Season Three Preview

Welcome to a quick preview of season 3 of The Bible Binge.  We asked the questions: What if there was a podcast that used pop culture literacy to enhance your biblical literacy? What if you could listen to a recap of the Bible like a recap of your favorite TV show? Season 3 launches next Sunday, August 26 with 6 episodes every other week and a bonus episode at the end of the season.  MENTIONS Knox's new book: The Wondering Years The Popcast Live! Melanie Shankle Sophie Hudson Nest Festwith The Nester Your God is Too Safeby Mark Buchanan Searching for Sundayby Rachel Held Evans THE POPCAST Check out our other podcast: The Popcast with Knox and Jamie.It's a weekly show about pop culture where we educate on the things that entertain, but don't matter. Here is our suggested Popcast starter playlist. Subscribe to our Weekly newsletter: Follow The Bible Binge on Socials:Instagram| Twitter| Facebook

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