130 LBS Lost with Keto and then 8+ Years of a Carnivore Zero Carb Lifestyle

Kelly Hogan has been on a zero carb, carnivore lifestyle for 8+ years, a total of 9 years this October. She lost 130 lbs following a low carb or ketogenic diet for 5 years, and then eventually reduced carbs to zero in order to relieve carb cravings and food addiction that she was dealing with. Vanessa and Kelly discuss her story in full as well as how good it is and feels to eat high fat foods, tuning into your body and listening to what it wants, how Kelly eats daily on her zero carb, carnivore diet, and so much more! "I’m happy for anyone that is able to reduce their carb and sugar intake in ANY way, even if they aren’t eating a zero-carb diet! If you are able to feel amazing while eating some vegetables, then that’s great! I had great success eating a low-carb diet, but found that it became even easier and more effective when I reduced my carbs even further." - Kelly Hogan www.myzerocarblife.com More on the 28 Day Ketogenic Girl Challenge: www.ketogenicgirl.com Link for the free e-book: https://www.ketogenicgirl.com/pages/free-ebook  

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