Relieving Anxiety with Gut Health & Keto

Today's episode features Ali Miller, author of Naturally Nourished: Food-as-Medicine for Optimal Health cookbook (2016) and her brand new book, The Anti-Anxiety Diet - which is coming out next week! Vanessa and Ali break down the connection between anxiety and gut health and what are some of the best methods presented in her new book to support the integrity of the gut lining to help with leaky gut (intestinal wall permeability) and how it all connects back to anxiety. Ali has a similar whole foods based approach to Vanessa and they talk about topics like sweeteners and keto and the gut, and so many aspects of mood and feeling calm and serene and how to optimize this through diet. Ali Miller is an integrative functional medicine practitioner with a background in naturopathic medicine. She is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, and has contagious passion for food as medicine developing clinical protocols and virtual programs using nutrients and food as the foundation of treatment. Her Food-As-Medicine philosophy is supported by up-to-date scientific research for a functional approach to healing the body. Ali’s message has influenced millions through media with television segments, features in O!, Women's Health, and Prevention Magazine, her award winning podcast, Naturally Nourished, and within the medical community. Ali’s expertise can be accessed through her website: offering her blog, podcasts, virtual learning, and access to her practice Naturally Nourished  

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