The Story of My Brother John Frederick Brauning V.

Ep #65 - Today is the 5 year anniversary of my brother John’s passing, and I wanted to share his story in long form. This is a bonus episode, so bear with me as I take my time, and talk about some funny stories growing up, share his never quit attitude, and why his life was a gift. John was my older brother by 3 years, and passed away at 36 from stage 4 colon cancer. I wanted a place to share his story and legacy so anyone could get to know him. I’m also sharing this for anyone who has walked through hard things like: Tragic Car Accidents
Traumatic Brain Injury
Losing a Child, Sibling, or Parent
Being a Caretaker I talk about being teased as a kid, the crazy dares he used to make me do, how he persevered and obtained a masters degree with a brain injury, and even finding the love of his life, his wife Bonnie. This is the story, from my perspective, of John Frederick Brauning V. Thanks for listening. Follow on social media and let me know if and how this impacted you here: Facebook: @mattbrauning
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