Ep 64 - How Do You Coach When You're Not Perfect?

In today's episode, Matt Brauning tackles a question that he commonly gets from his students and clients: "How do you coach when you're not perfect?" It's a completely loaded question, but it is a concern that many people face when they explore entering the coaching business. In this discussion, Matt shares why you don't have to be perfect to achieve success and why simply taking action is critical to success. Also, Matt will get into how to coach when you feel that you don't have enough experience. It's a great segment and if you are interested in becoming a coach or speaker, you will learn some valuable information. For those of you wanting to learn NLP, you will find details for Matt's live three-day seminars at the website www.evolutionseminars.com. If you would like to inquire about these events or about Matt's upcoming Mastermind group as mentioned in the episode, please email support@evolutionseminars.com. As always, please remember to rate, review, and subscribe if you have not already done so. We love to hear from you. Please share your feedback and ideas with me on social media. Facebook: @mattbrauning
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