What's Been Driving You to Create Ripples in Your Life and Business

Ep #45 - If you are a leader, visionary, starter, founder, coach, expert, or podcaster, this episode is for you. In today's session, Matt Brauning is going to give you an eye under the hood of what has been driving you to create ripples and waves in your life and business. He will break down the specific drives that fuel every entrepreneur. In this episode, Matt begins a series of describing each of the 7 drives. This session focuses on the first of the seven, the significance drive. The catchphrase for this drive is "something to prove." This information comes from Matt's brand new book, The Firebox Principle: The 7 Drives That Fuel Every Entrepreneur. The book is going to peel the curtain back and let you in on the mindsets and motivations that have been behind the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet.  Matt recorded this episode on the road in Tucson, Arizona, as part of his book promotion tour. He will be going on TV in Tucson on Tuesday morning.  As part of this book launch, Matt has had some very special guests on the podcast recently. If you missed our interviews with Larry Broughton or Ruben Gonzalez, go back and check them out. The episode numbers and descriptions are listed below. Ep 40 - Larry Broughton - CEO, Hotelier, Media Personality, Author, and Former US Army Green Beret Ep 44 - Ruben Gonzalez, 4-Time Olympian and Motivational Speaker Be sure to subscribe, rate, and review, and reach out with your comments, questions, or ideas for future episodes. For a full list of links and details about this podcast, visit Mattbrauningpodcast.com Catch the video podcast on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/mattbrauning Remember to keep checking Amazon this week as the The FIREBOX Principle will be available for pre-sale any day now. The book will officially be available for purchase on Saturday, July 14th. Make sure to look for it as the ebook will be available for a limited time launch price of just $0.99  For further book related updates and supplemental material, go to https://www.fireboxbook.com You can contact Matt using the info below. Facebook: @mattbrauning
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