How to Manage a Busy Week in the Life of an Entrepreneur

Ep #32 - Today, Matt discusses what a busy week looks like in the life of an entrepreneur and how to handle it. If you're in the space of being a business owner, you have probably experienced this. Matt will share how he's handled busy weeks in the past, sometimes masterfully, sometimes terribly, and what he's learned to manage business successfully over time. In this episode, Matt will talk about setting very specific outcomes with your schedule and stewarding your time for both efficiency and experiences. Want to learn more about effective time management? Check out episodes #18 "Time Management as an Entrepreneur" and #19 "How to Take Time Ownership" for a wealth of additional information.    Listen to the episode and please review, subscribe, and share. We love to hear your comments and questions so please don't hestitate to reach out. Contact Matt directly on social media: Facebook: @mattbrauning
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