[Bonus Session Q&A] – Why Don't I See More NLP Work with the Gustatory (Smell) Modality?

Ep #24 - This is a bonus episode which comes from one of my Monday Facebook Live Q&A session where Matt answers questions that are submitted from the podcast audience, Evolution clients, or anyone that has a burning desire to have a question answered related to entrepreneurship and/or NLP. This week, Matt answers two questions that both come from Marie Josee LeBlanc, a client of Evolution. Question #1: When there is a reference to VAKOG, it seems like there is no list for gustatory nor olfactory predicates phrases. I know these are not as commonly use in NLP AND, still, if you had a list or predicates we could use that would be cool! Even online there is not that much said. I work a lot with olfactory with my work with doterra essential oils and consequently, I may have more clients in that category than others. Since the sense of smell is linked to the oldest memory, emotions and fight or flight response, then why are we not including it more in our NLP work? Question #2: In Mapping across Matt you mentioned to look for a kinesthetic change. What if you are doing sessions on the phone? Get the answers to these questions and more by listening to this week's episode. As alway, we encourage you to share your feedback. If you have comments, questions, or an idea for a future episode, find me on social media: Facebook: @mattbrauning Instagram: @mattbrauning Twitter: @mattbrauning  

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