Ikea food is way outside my budget!

Ep #1 - Welcome to Episode 1 of the Purpose Driven Entrepreneur Podcast with Matt Brauning. In our inaugural  episode, get to know me and my producer Jeremy bit, and find out what it actually means to be a "purpose driven entrepreneur!  This episode expalins why Ikea food is way outside my budget! What?? Don't those meatballs cost like $3.99 for 600 of them? True, and that's what we are talking about today. The concept of having a maximum budget is familiar to most people, but what about having a "minimum" budget? When I think about the quality of life I want, and why I am in business, it's necessary to have standards of excellence! And Ikea food is way below that standard... Listen in and let me know what you think. If you have comments, questions, or an idea for a future episode, find me on social media: Twitter: @mattbrauning Facebook: @mattbrauning Insta: @mattbrauning

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