Episode 39: Erica Stanford – Cryptocurrency Simplified

Erica Stanford got into the field of cryptocurrency as an investor in early 2017. She is now the co-founder of cryptocurrencysimplified.com - a project aiming to make crypto and blockchain be better understood and adopted by the mainstream public. On this episode, Erica discusses how she educated herself about blockchain technology and became fascinated by its current impact and potential to transform society and empower individuals in almost every industry worldwide. Inspired by the trial and error of her own learning experiences, she built an unbiased, reliable web resource to help people learn about blockchain and cryptocurrency that will include how-to guides and translate the technology into simple English. Erica also shares advice on how crypto investors can protect themselves against scams, hackers and fraud. Learn more about Erica’s work at www.cryptocurrencysimplified.com or via email at erica@cryptocurrencysimplified.com .

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