Episode 38: Cyd Alper-Sedgwick – Feng Shui for healing homes and businesses

Cyd Alper-Sedgwick is a Feng Shui Master based in Cincinnati Ohio, with clients throughout the US and Europe. She has a passion for healing buildings, and consequently, the people in the buildings. A second generation Feng Shui Practitioner, she also brings her expertise as an Interior Designer into her consultations. On this episode, Cyd shares how she learned to practice Feng Shui from her mother at an early age, why she transitioned her practice from a hobby to a career, and how she makes people’s homes flow with positive energy and clears out negative energy. She also shares how Feng Shui can guide people in purchasing their homes, furnishing their houses, cultivating positive energy in their businesses, and clearing blockages within their hearts and minds. Learn more about Cyd’s work at www.harmonicprosperity.com or by leaving her a voicemail message with your name and phone number at (513) 315-6193.

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