Episode 31: Bob Sager – Innovation, entrepreneurship and finding your BIG Idea

Have you ever wished you could be more creative and come up with the next “big idea” for your business (or your life in general)?  My guest on today’s episode, Bob Sager, helps people discover and unlock this ability within themselves. As the founder of SpearPoint Solutions LLC, Bob is a consultant and trainer on how to use innovative thinking to create practical solutions for business and life. Bob describes how the lessons he learned early in his career fueled his success as an entrepreneur: the importance of hard work, treating people well, learning from failure, and always asking himself how he can create more value for his customers. He shares what inspired him to invent a game called What's the BIG Idea?™ which helps people come up with innovative, creative ideas while having fun at the same time. He also gives practical advice to entrepreneurs who are struggling to find the right idea that will grow their business. You can learn more about Bob on his LinkedIn profile. SPECIAL OFFER (as of September 2018): Bob is offering his services for FREE to help 101 businesses and non-profits design their sales/fundraising strategies! At the end of this episode, you’ll hear how you can nominate a business or non-profit to take advantage of this limited time offer.

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