Episode 5: Anna Pilette - Robotics & Drone Technology

This episode features Anna Pilette, a Geophysicist and a Technologist out of Portland Oregon. Anna shares her experience working with robotics and drone technology, her thoughts on the future application of this technology, and how she brings her scientific experience together with her artistic interest through her art company, Atomic Dumpling Media. She is also looking for a role working with a drone manufacturer. Learn more about Anna at her website www.aspilette.com . Anna’s bio: For over two decades, Anna’s work has been focused on imaging things under the waterline.  She has worked on a wide number of projects like locating shipwrecks, finding bombs, teaching law enforcement how to find bodies, and more mundane stuff like finding the problems with pipelines.  Her work has taken her around the world on every type of marine and subsea project that exists. She’s worked on every commercially based acoustic system, which were originally fixed, towed, and hull mounted sensors.  Then, in 2008, she began working with autonomous vehicles.  Since then, she’s extended her work to include remotely operated vehicles and unmanned vehicles of every type.  Today, Anna specializes in remote sensors though acoustics and optics based on unmanned vehicles. 

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