#48 Managing Data Science Teams

In this episode of DataFramed, the DataCamp podcast, Hugo speaks with Angela Bassa about managing data science teams. Angela is Director of Data Science at iRobot, where she leads the team through development of machine learning algorithms, sentiment analysis, and anomaly detection processes. iRobot are the makers of consumer robots that we all know and love, like the Roomba, and the Braava which are, respectively, a robotic vacuum cleaner and a robotic mop. Angela will talk about how to get into data science management, the most important strategies to ensure that your data science team delivers value to the organization, how to hire data scientists and key points to consider as your data science team grows over time, in addition to the types of trade-offs you need to make as a data science manager and how you make the right ones. Along the way, you’ll see why a former marine biologist has the skills and ways of thinking to be a super data scientist at a company like iRobot and you’ll also see the importance of throwing data analysis parties.

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