Bitcoin Ecosystem Health - A Miner's Perspective

Kevin travels all around the world to help run the mining pool. He has some stories to tell; insights that will make you think differently about the health of bitcoin. We talk to traders, coders, business developers, entrepreneurs all the time. The vague question "How is bitcoin doing?" .. We tend to weigh part of our answer on the price even if the metric takes on (way) too much importance. But sometimes we forget about the miners. A fundamental part of the ecosystem, how do they see Bitcoin and crypto?  Kevin Zhang, our mining operations manager at, gave us a unique perspective: Why governments are inviting bitcoin miners to expand operations there Surprising facts about renewable energy consumption and costs Could bitcoin miners take away electricity from citizens who need it? Metrics that Kevin uses to judge the health of the bitcoin ecosystem Is mining too centralized? Why investment in mining is fundamentally different than a hedge fund buying a lot of bitcoin The opportunity cost of producing mining chips and Samsung  

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