OB67: Center Controllers Can See The Future

Episode 67 Show Notes Topic of the show: Feedback catch up time!   Timely Feedback: Bucket list items from Kilo Kilo!  Compete my Multi-Engine Instrument Commercial Rating, 2nd: Get a ride in a P51, 3rd: Land an airplane in all 50 States, 4th: Fly in every type of airline aircraft currently in service, I've already got most of the easy ones, what I'm missing are the wide body's and finally visit KFFA otherwise known as First Flight in North Carolina. Feedback 1. Charlie Hotel left some kind words about the show!  Thank you, Mom.2. Joe the Airbus Guy had a center question and FF from “Frozen Tundra Center” answered!3. Kilo Sierra left audio feedback using SpeakPipe about transitioning to helicopters!4. Charlie Mike from Alaska is a new CFI, congratulations.  BE18! Great audio feedback.  Thank you, CM!5. Another Charlie Mike left kind words about the show.  Thank you, CM2!6. Papa Lima left several questions he had been saving!  Thank you, PL!7. Charlie Sierra has an ADS-B airspace required equipment question.  We provided a link to an FAA Q and A page about ADS B and this picture from this link will be on the website. Link to graphic.8. Sierra Lima asks about aircraft type in the initial call-up.  Great question, SL, thanks!9. Hilarious audio feedback from “DB Cooper”.  LOL.  Thank you!  C402’s are amazing! Question of the Week/Month What is your favorite twin prop/ twin turbo prop aircraft and why?  Are you madly in love with the C402 because you watched Wings in the 90’s?   Patron Links: 7 Zero Productions, check them out! We are often asked, “How can I support the show?”  In addition to rating the show on iTunes, leaving a review, or shares, likes, and retweets on social media, we have another way you can support the show. You can now support our show using Patreon or visiting our support page on the website.Keep the feedback coming, it drives the show! Don’t be shy, use the “Send Audio to AG and RH” button on the website and record an audio message. Or you can send us comments or questions to feedback@opposingbases.com. Find us on twitter @opposing_bases.Have a great week and thanks for listening! 

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