OB64: Atlanta TRACON (A80), Part 1

Episode 64 Show NotesTopic of the show: JEC sent in audio several weeks ago regarding Precision Runway Monitor (PRM) approaches at Atlanta Tracon. On today’s show, we play part 1 of our interview with “OU” from Atlanta Tracon (A80). We discuss the radar room at A80, standard procedures, personnel, arrival rates, and set up for instrument approaches. A special thank you to “OU” for an awesome interview. The professional air traffic controllers at A80 work traffic in and out of one of the busiest airports in the world and they make it look easy!Mentions: Pinewood Derby CarTimely Feedback: CK sent in feedback about altitude assignments and glideslope intercept. Thank you, CK!RK sent in feedback about obstacle clearance and approach procedures. Thank you, RK!HM sent in a FAR/AIM PCG definition of “Final Approach Fix”. Thank you, HM!CS pointed out a mistake we made in Episode 62. We clarify. Thank you, CS! Mode C VeilSP sent in a response about the “white board” of transponder codes. FAA Order 7110.66. FeedbackDelta Papa sent in audio feedback about practice approaches using our SpeakPipe button. Thank you, DP!  Yes, get ATC services whenever possible!Question of the Week/MonthTry to submit your questions for OU from A80 ASAP.  We will try to get answers before we prepare episode 65.  Part 2 of our interview with OU will be on episode 65.We are still compiling answer to a question we asked a few weeks ago: IFR flight plan to an airport without an IAP. Do you need an alternate? What other weather considerations have to be made? Mike Delta and Hotel Mike have already sent in great responses. Do you have anything you’d like to add?Keep the feedback coming, it drives the show! Don’t be shy, use the “Send Audio to AG and RH” button on the website and record an audio message. Or you can send us comments or questions to feedback@opposingbases.com. Find us on twitter @opposing_bases.Have a great week and thanks for listening!

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