OB63: Speed Restrictions

*This episode was recorded immediately after we recorded Ep. 62.  Thank you for your patience with timely feedback!Episode 63 Show NotesTopic of the show: Juliet Romeo Golf sent in a question about aircraft speed restrictions and assignments. We break down speed limits, speed restrictions, and why we use speed assignments in the TRIAD airspace. Great question, JRG. Thank you! Timely Feedback: Cricket audio from Captain Nick. Thank you for the wonderful explanation!Local pilot, Papa Lima sent in feedback about the show. Thank you, PL!FeedbackTango Hotel left an audio question about 9/11. Thank you, TH! Link to video from 9/11.Alpha Hotel asked a question about balloons or airships on radar. Thank you, AH!Delta Mike sent in feedback about his bucket list aircraft. Link to Icon A5. Thank you, DM!Juliet Victor sent in bucket list feedback. Thank you, JV! Want to fly a simulator?Papa Whiskey asked about friendly voices on frequency. Thank you, PW!Question of the Week/Month No new question this week. We catch up on aviation bucket list items. WJS, EB, and Delta Mike sent in bucket list items. Thank you!Mentions:E-3 AWACSDelta Flight MuseumComing up: RH is interviewing a large tracon controller and they are going to discuss ILS PRM approaches and a triple runway configuration.Keep the feedback coming, it drives the show! Don’t be shy, use the “Send Audio to AG and RH” button on the website and record an audio message. Or you can send us comments or questions to feedback@opposingbases.com. Find us on twitter @opposing_bases.Have a great week and thanks for listening!

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