Episode 056: Miracle on the Hudson

Episode 56 Show NotesTopic of the show:  Aviation Heroes!Miracle on the Hudson 10th Anniversary Celebration. Visit Sully’s website to find his books or click here to purchase. Want a copy of the movie?.   Learn more about Sully here. Read the story of one of the passengers: Vallie Collins.Visit the Carolina Aviation Museum to see the A320 from the “Miracle on the Hudson”.Music from this segment:Be Inspired by Keys of Moon https://soundcloud.com/keysofmoon
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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/RH and SullyRH and SkilesErrors/Timely feedback**Captain Al left some audio about the shutdown. Thank you, Captain Al. You can listen to Al on Plane Safety Podcast.**Hotel Golf sent in feedback from the aviation department at the University of Dubuque. We are required listening! Thank you, HG! Feedback:Charlie Kilo sent in feedback about shortcuts! Thank you, CK!Juliet Sierra sent in a great set of questions about “bothering” us for practice approaches. Thank you, JS!Delta Lima asks about radio etiquette. Thanks, DL!MVR asked a question about staffing at the TRIAD. Thank you, MVR!Question of the Week/MonthWe are still looking for stories about your aviation hero. Who inspired you to enter this field? And we are also waiting on more stories from pilots about air traffic controller training. Did “the voice” ever key over the trainee and fix a situation? What happened?We are often asked, “How can I support the show?”  In addition to rating the show on iTunes, leaving a review, or shares, likes, and retweets on social media, we have another way you can support the show. You can now support our show using Patreon or visiting our support page on the website.Keep the feedback coming, it drives the show! Don’t be shy, use the “Send Audio to AG and RH” button on the website and record an audio message. Or you can send us comments or questions to feedback@opposingbases.com. Find us on twitter @opposing_bases.

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