Episode 054: Serving Our Listeners

Episode 54 Show NotesTopic of the show: All things feedback and newsAG and RH address some feedback that is time sensitive. We also discuss the news of the week. PD gave us permission to post the picture of his flight path during the pilot deviation at VNY where he turned earlier than anticipated towards IPIHO. DW, DS, and JB left quick notes.  We played audio from "Biba" who is learning English listening to our show.  DA sent in a “Merry Christmas” message on Twitter and a link to a video where Captain Joe interviews the retired controller known as “Kennedy Steve”. NATCA video related to the shutdown available on the NATCA website.Feedback 13:05:MEH left feedback about altitude deviations in her C172. She also remarks about her new level of awareness regarding controller workload. Thanks, MEH!DWS asked about transponder code inputs and what we prefer when a student pilot wants to let the controller know they are a student. Thank you, DWS!Max Trescott from Aviation News Talk podcast sent in a link to find the Letters to Airmen. Thank you, Max! Everyone should add this to their preflight planning checklist for the arrival and departure airport!MVR asked about military air traffic control coordination with FAA facilities. PA from "Beach Airport" answered the question for us. Thank you MVR and PA! The ORF airspace referenced in his question.YN from Aktobe, Kazakhstan sent in some feedback. Thank you, YN!DM sent in follow up feedback regarding SVFR, the topic of Episode 51: Special VFR Snowpocalypse. Thank you, DM!Question of the Week/Month 55:03
We are still looking for stories about your aviation hero. Who inspired you to enter this field? And we are also waiting on more stories from pilots about air traffic controller training. Did “the voice” ever key over the trainee and fix a situation? What happened?We are often asked, “How can I support the show?”  In addition to rating the show on iTunes, leaving a review, or shares, likes, and retweets on social media, we have another way you can support the show. You can now support our show using Patreon or visiting our support page on the website.Keep the feedback coming, it drives the show! Don’t be shy, use the “Send Audio to AG and RH” button on the website and record an audio message. Or you can send us comments or questions to feedback@opposingbases.com. Find us on twitter @opposing_bases.

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