Episode 050: TRSA Time

Episode 50!  On today’s show, we are going to talk about TRSAs with “Papa Alpha”, and of course, more feedback!  AG and RH would like to extend a giant thank you to all the listeners this past year!  We can’t do the show without your feedback and we appreciate you all! TERMINAL RADAR SERVICE AREA (TRSA)− Airspace surrounding designated airports wherein ATC provides radar vectoring, sequencing, and separation on a full-time basis for all IFR and participating VFR aircraft. The AIM contains an explanation of TRSAs. TRSAs are depicted on VFR aeronautical charts. Pilot participation is urged but is not mandatory.   Class Charlie Airspace “Outer Area”- (associated with Class C airspace)− Non−regulatory airspace surrounding designated Class C airspace airports wherein ATC provides radar vectoring and sequencing on a full-time basis for all IFR and participating VFR aircraft. The service provided in the outer area is called Class C service which includes: IFR/IFR−IFR separation; IFR/ VFR−traffic advisories and conflict resolution; and VFR/VFR−traffic advisories and, as appropriate, safety alerts. The normal radius will be 20 nautical miles with some variations based on site-specific requirements. The outer area extends outward from the primary Class C airspace airport and extends from the lower limits of radar/radio coverage up to the ceiling of the approach control’s delegated airspace excluding the Class C charted area and other airspace as appropriate. Interview with “Papa Alpha” from the only TRSA in the TRIAD area. 17:35 FEEDBACK 33:21 Lima Foxtrot asked “Is there a requirement for the controllers to verify pilots have weather information at a non-ATIS airport (or any airport for that matter)?”  AG and RH explain the ATCS requirements outlined in FAA JO 7110.65X Chapter 4 IFR, Section 7 Arrival Procedures, Paragraph 10 Approach Information.   Thank you, LF! Romeo Charlie feedback read during the .  Thank you, RC! 5 STAR iTunes reviews from “books reader” and Derek Cooks.  Thank you for the kind words! QUESTION OF THE WEEK 50:04A special thank you to the loyal listeners of the show.  We are having a great time doing this show and we can’t do it without your feedback. 

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