Which dog food is best, dry dog food, canned, or raw? with Nancy Guinn, Ep #8

Have you been wondering what is the best food to feed your dog? There’s so much information out there about what’s best, dry dog food, wet dog food, or raw. The dog food choices are enough to make you go crazy. That’s why certified pet nutritionist and owner of the Dog Krazy pet food stores, Nancy Guinn comes on the show today. She is here to help answer this question and all of your dog nutrition questions. If you have any dietary questions or concerns you’ll want to listen to this episode because Nancy is an expert that really cares about what your dog is eating. Don’t miss this important interview that could affect your best friend’s health. Have you seen dog food in the news? If you’ve heard any news lately about dog food, you’ve probably heard about recalls on dog food. It seems that pet food brands always have a recall for one reason or another. Pet nutritionist, Nancy Guinn, says that not all pet food recalls are created equal. She recommends researching any recalls that may involve your favorite dog food brand. The most recent one happened because there were traces of a euthanasia drug in many brands of dog food. How on earth can this happen, you ask? Listen to this episode if you want to find out! What should you feed your dogs? Nancy Guinn joins The Dog Show to share her pet nutritionist expertise. She joins Joe to get to the bottom of the age-old question, what should you feed your dog? There are so many questions about dog food. For example, do puppies really need special food? What about seniors? Is it okay to feed your dog vegan? Which is best, dry dog food, wet dog food, or the infamous raw food diet? Nancy shares an amazingly easy secret to ensuring that your dog’s diet is the best that it can be. If you’re curious to hear what that is then you won’t want to miss this episode. Make sure you listen to find out how you should be feeding your four-legged friend. Learn the ins and outs of dog nutrition It doesn’t matter whether you’re feeding your dogs kibble, raw food, or canned food. Good nutrition is as simple as reading the ingredients on the back of the package. If it says meat or animal on the package rather than duck, beef, fish, or a specific kind of animal protein, don’t feed it to them. It is so important to know what each ingredient is. So if you don’t know what’s in the food then, don’t feed it to your dogs. The instructions on the back of the bag are a recommended portion size. Every dog metabolizes their food differently and may need more or less food. If you want to learn more about dog nutrition and how to feed your dogs what they should be eating then listen to this episode of The Dog Show to hear pet nutritionist, Nancy Guinn’s excellent advice on dog nutrition, Should you feed your dog a raw diet? There is a big debate out there on the raw food diet for dogs. Nancy says that if you can afford to feed your dogs raw then do it. A raw diet is very healthy for your dog. But, you cannot feed your dog a raw chicken every day and just walk away. They need extra supplements in their diets. A raw diet is not a complete diet for your dog. Listen to this episode with pet nutritionist, Nancy Guinn to learn everything you need to know to get your dog started on a raw food diet.

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