MM 24 Reflection: 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge (Day 15-How to Have a Mindful Morning)

Welcome to Day Two of 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge. Please go back to Day One if you are just starting. **Please also see Mindfulness Meditation Five (Mindful Mind Meditation). ** What to expect? Mindful Morning Focus on being mindful from the time you wake up until midday. Set an end time for yourself around noon and aim to be mindful for the entire chunk of time. Your mind will stray, but when you notice it does, simply bring yourself back to the present. Be mindful during any relaxing, walking, commuting, conversations, morning tasks, thoughts that arise, and anytime you experience emotions. You are equipped to be mindful in all these situations; it is simply time to put them together and practice. After the morning is over, reflect on how it went for you. Did you struggle during a particular time, with certain situations or tasks? Try to figure out what happened during those times that led you to become unmindful. Once you are aware of challenges, you are able to be extra mindful during these situations in the future. Don’t worry, you will have time again tomorrow to practice this exercise. For weekly blog, additional meditations, & free trainings go to For more resources check out: FREE Mindset Makeover Training: Mindset Makeover 10 Day Challenge: Mindful Book Collections: Mindfulness Guide (3 Mindful Books in 1)-Complete Guide to Happiness & Peace in Every Moment: Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness in a World of Chaos: Mindful Mornings: Daily Reflections and Meditations to Start Your Day Off Right: 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge: Step-By-Step Guide to Living a Stress-Free & Happy Life:

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