MM 9 Meditation: Mindful Challenge Meditation #2 (Mindful Breathing Exercise)

Welcome to the 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge!! This is a time to push yourself, become open to change and see the transformation unfold. Every day there will be a new challenge, a description of the challenge and some tips and action steps. The daily challenges will build on each other and will gradually become more challenging. It is important not to skip a day so that you do not miss any necessary skills needed for future challenges. Mindful Breathing Meditation Preparation: Sit or lie in a comfortable position. ake 5 slow, deep, calming breaths to get you into your meditative state. Breathing Awareness After your 5 initial calming breaths, begin to breathe normally. Focus on the feeling of the air coming into your nose (or mouth). Notice the temperature (typically it is cool). Feel the air as it travels down your airway into your lungs. Feel your chest and/or stomach rise as your lungs fill up. Notice the fall of your chest and stomach as you begin to exhale. Feel the air coming back up your passageway. Feel the sensations and temperatures as you exhale through your nose or mouth. Can you feel the air on your face? What is the temperature? Continue this process for the remainder of the mediation. Do not try to change your breathing pattern. Simply pay attention to the sensations of the breathing. If you notice your thoughts start to wander, simply bring your attention back to your breathing. For weekly blog, additional meditations, & free trainings go to For more resources check out: FREE Mindset Makeover Training: Mindset Makeover 10 Day Challenge: Mindful Book Collections: Mindfulness Guide (3 Mindful Books in 1)-Complete Guide to Happiness & Peace in Every Moment: Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness in a World of Chaos: Mindful Mornings: Daily Reflections and Meditations to Start Your Day Off Right: 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge: Step-By-Step Guide to Living a Stress-Free & Happy Life:

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