MM 4 Meditation: Powerful Goal Setting Affirmations for the New Year

Use these to increase your confidence in achieving your goals and attracting your dreams! Eliminate negative thinking today and develop optimism, self-love, confidence and a sense of mindfulness. Begin your subconscious programming for confidence with these simple, yet powerful affirmations. Listen to this while falling asleep, getting ready for your day, during your commute, or while taking a walk and watch your mindset and life transform as these simple thoughts become ingrained in your mind. Change your mindset, change your life. Not only will your thinking patterns begin to change, but your vibration and energy will increase. This can help attract positive life changes, such as new jobs, relationships, and opportunities. With a new mindset, you will feel comfortable to take necessary action to pursue the life you want, without fear, judgment, and negativity getting in the way. Download Meditation Here (2.99): For more resources check out: FREE Mindset Makeover Training: Mindset Makeover 10 Day Challenge: Mindful Book Collections: Mindfulness Guide (3 Mindful Books in 1)-Complete Guide to Happiness & Peace in Every Moment: Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness in a World of Chaos: Mindful Mornings: Daily Reflections and Meditations to Start Your Day Off Right: 30 Day Mindfulness Challenge: Step-By-Step Guide to Living a Stress-Free & Happy Life: *Please consult a doctor before beginning any meditation practice. Not meant to cure or treat any mental health or physical disorder but can be used as a companion to treatment under the supervision of a professional.

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