Out of all the books, seminars, personal coaching podcasts I listen to you, if I had a wrap It all up into three words, those three words would simply be Be Do Have. GO TO PROJECTMINDSET.US/MERCH to download the BILLION$ worksheet for free. The concept is something to consider any time you may be feeling stopped, it’s usually a matter of those words being in the wrong order. Usually Have Do Be, or possibly Do Be Have.. We know once I have that degree, then I can go out and seek that career, or once I have enough savings, then I can propose to my lady and really be who she deserves. I for example thought that once I have all the right podcast equipment, and it’s all perfectly set up, then I can really get this podcast cracking.. And the reality is that it never really happens until we make the BEING choice.. Have fun with this, share it, practice it, mess it up, and most of all teach it, YOU'RE Already an expert at this game you’ve been doing it your whole life, you just may have had the words mixed up, it’s not have DO BE HAVE, or DO HAVE BE.. , it’s simply BE DO HAVE, to teach is to learn twice. Have fun stay focused and enjoy the process peace. FOLLOW US: @PROJECTMINDSET47 @KEVION @KNOWPASSION MUSIC: @MATTAUDIODOPE @JESSE.WAV Become a supporter of this podcast:

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