Jim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy is CEO and co-founder of Goldstar, an event discovery service that helps people stay informed of local live entertainment. The company launched on Valentine’s Day in 2002 boot-strapped and lean and without much in the bank. Today, Goldstar is available in 26 cities around the country and has over 8 million members. Jim shares his insights on how a service-oriented mentality has been at the core of his company’s success. We also delve deep into his early years as an english teacher in Japan and working for Noah’s Bagels in San Francisco. 00:30 - What is Goldstar? 26:45 - Attending Harvard 36:00 - Teaching English in Japan 44:45 - Noah's Bagels 56:45 - Founding Goldstar 1:14:45 - The business of live entertainment 1:21:15 - Being customer service forward

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