Rob Glaser

Rob Glaser tells the story of his career sharing his passion for media, politics, tech, and bowling. Rob's intelligence is palpable as he foresaw many twists and turns in these industries while navigating pivotal moments in the history of Microsoft prior to launching his own publicly traded company RealNetworks. 01:00 - Attended Fieldstone with Jason Flom in NYC 06:00 - Started hacking 09:00 - College radio station background 18:00 - Wrote a Left wing column in the Yale University newspaper & debated with David Frum 19:00 - 1st computer at age of 19 28:00 - Left IBM for Microsoft with Steve Ballmer 42:00 - RealNetworks launch of Real Player 50:00 - Bowling - ESPN 51:00 - Napster, MusicNet, Rhapsody 1:03:00 - Air America & politics 1:08:00 - Tech privacy reckoning 1:12:00 - Q&A

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