Episode 49: Plant Parent Lessons Learned in 2018

Happy News Years! Today I’m reviewing the lessons I’ve learned in all of the incredible conversations I’ve had over the 49 episodes of Bloom and Grow Radio. Man, I have learned so much! In the episode we discuss what I’ve learned about: Drainage Episode 08: Dirty Talk with Darryl from Houseplant Journal  Succulents Episode 3: How to Not Kill You're your Succulents  Episode 35: How to Grow Desert Plants and Succulents Indoors Artificial and Natural Light  Episode 12: Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Grow lights   Episode 45, 46: Understanding Natural Light Specific Plant Care Episode 33: Monstera 101 Episode 25: Fiddle Leaf Fig 101  Episode 14: Pilea Peperomiodes 101  Episode 29: Indoor Citrus 101  Episode 32: Airplants 101  Episode 44 and 45: Aroids 101 (2 parts) Episode 44 Part 1  Episode 45 Part 2 DIY (which are fun and not hard and scary!) Episode 16: Mounting Epiphytes Episode 19: Terrarium 101 Episode 22: Windowsill Herb Gardening  Episode 42: How to Make a Moss Pole  Episode 36: Growing a Large Urban Jungle in a Small Space  Heart warming and informative episodes that aren’t directly about plant care, but teach important lessons and information Episode 27: Plants in the Classroom  Episode 37: Horticultural Therapy  Episode 43: Your Brain on Plants Plant Side Chats: Life Lessons Learned in the Garden Episode 10: Bloom and Grow at Your Own Rate  Episode 21: The Changing of the Seasons Episode 28: The Tale of the Tomato Episode 40: Pruning (in life, and with plants) Episode 48: You’re Doing Great Join the Bloom and Grow Garden Club www.bloomandgrowradio.com/garden-club   Interested in what grow lights and planty products I use? Check out my resources page: www.bloomandgrowradio.com/resources

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