Ep. 19. Porn-Proofing Your Kids - Guest Kristen Jenson, Founder of 'Protect Young Minds'.

This week we are talking to Kristen Jenson.  Kristen is the author of the Good Pictures Bad Pictures series of read-aloud books including the best-selling Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids. She is the founder of ProtectYoungMinds.org, a website dedicated to helping parents empower their kids to reject pornography. Recently, she was invited to testify before the Washington State Senate Law and Justice Committee on the public health crisis of pornography.  In this episode we address the important topic of educating our kids about pornography and giving them the important tools to deal with it when they find it.  Here is what we talked about: Why Kristen wrote her two books What things are discussed in Kristen’s books How to teach kids WHY we don’t look at pornography The importance of teaching kids how addictions work The appropriate age to start talking to your kids about pornography Why it’s important for parents to START the conversations with their children instead of waiting for children to come to them How having difficult conversations with your children can build your relationship with your child Whether its better to have a conversation about pornopraphy with the entire family, or as a private and special conversation The importance of ongoing conversations with your child and making the time for them Why connection with your child is one of the biggest factors in prevention How to create a safe place for your kids to talk to you The value of putting internet filters on devices When accountability software is useful How to help children build their own internal filters What accountability software is. The C.A.N.  D.O. Plan for kids to follow when they see pornography The difference between the “thinking brain” and the “feeling brain” Strategies for replacing bad thoughts How to teach your kids to empower their “thinking brain” to control their “feeling brain” The changes that occur in a brain of a person with an addiction   Mom Squad Challenge: 1.Talk to your kids and name their private parts using the anatomical names. Teach them that those parts are good parts, not shameful.  However, they are private and need to be kept private.  2. A. Give them a definition of what pornography is.  B. Help them understand that it’s dangerous and why. and C. Give them a plan.

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