#22 Proton-Pump Inhibitors: 5 Pearls segment

Solidify your knowledge on Proton-Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) and more! Quiz yourself on the 5 pearls we will be covering: What are associated adverse effects for patients are on long-term PPIs? (2:02) What are strategies to get your patient off PPIs?  (10:57) How do histamine-2 (H2) receptor antagonists blockers work and how can it explain why H2 blockers might not be as effective as PPIs? (13:30) How should you educate patients to take PPIs to get the maximize benefit? (16:48) How do you manage ongoing symptoms in patients on PPIs? (21:41) For full transcript of the podcast and references: https://www.clinicalcorrelations.org/?p=18833  

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