Hepatic Encephalopathy: 5 Pearls Edition Ep3

Cement your knowledge on Hepatic Encephalopathy (HE)! Quiz yourself on the following 5 Pearls we’ll be covering on HE:  Time Stamps What are other causes of altered mental status in cirrhotics? (1:45) What are common precipitants for an acute episode of HE? What is asterixis? (6:10) What is the diagnostic utility of a cirrhotic with asterixis? How do lactulose & rifaximin reduce symptoms of HE? (11:00) What are their indications? What is the connection between hypokalemia and HE? (14:10) What is the discriminatory power of an ammonia level in HE? (16:40) In what situation does the NH3 has stronger predictive value? For full shownotes: https://www.clinicalcorrelations.org/?p=13953

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