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Episode 45: South American Caravan, Turning On Kanye, Idiot Bashes NYPD Widow, Poker EtiquetteOct 22, 2018 Listen
Episode 44: Brent from Valor Magazine sits at the table as we discuss McGregor/Khabib, Wishing for Intruders, Respect Between Veteran Generations, and plenty more!Oct 15, 2018 Listen
Episode 43, Panther Island Brewery, Favorite Scary Movies, Baby Stories, Pop Music for Hammer, and more!Oct 08, 2018 Listen
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Episode 38: Questions From Listeners, "Men have periods, too!"?!?!, Call-in from a Navy Pilot, Paul Fart, Marry F**k Kill, annnnnd...... more!Aug 27, 2018 Listen
Episode 37: Catfishing, Savage Studios is born, Catholic Church Scandals, New Mexico Terrorist Training, and (of course) more!Aug 20, 2018 Listen
Episode 36: O'Really Returns, New Studio, Big "F*** You, T-Dog!"Aug 20, 2018 Listen
Episode 35: Trump Talk, Snowflake Segment, NFL Season Picks, Stolen Planes, And So Much More!Aug 12, 2018 Listen
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S3E10 Part 1 and 2: Hear how to waterboard Mac, Antifa knockout game, Pastrana and more!Jul 09, 2018 Listen
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S3E8: The Ocho (2.o) Border Talk Galore! Check your masculinity at the door, Space Force and much more!Jun 25, 2018 Listen
S3E7: Trump meets Kim, Bstaps in China, Kate Upton Birthday, IHOP vs IHOB, and more!Jun 18, 2018 Listen
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S2E10, Finale, T-Dawg is a new father, crying closets, and Marry F**k Kill!Apr 29, 2018 Listen
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