027: 3 Battles You Can Let Your Child Win // Lisa Andersen of Thriving Motherhood

If you feel like you face battle after battle with your child, this episode is for you!  Lisa Andersen, a mother of four who is passionate about helping moms thrive, teaches us 3 power struggles we can opt out of. I'm not going to tell you ahead of time what the three battles are...so you'll have to listen! ;) Chime in and tell us your opinions and ideas in the comments on this post or on my Instagram account, @ https://www.instagram.com/3in30podcast/   Show Notes -Lisa Andersen's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thrivingmotherhood/ -Thriving Motherhood Conference: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/thriving-mothers-conference-express-session-tickets-44616612489 -Ep. 017 with Jody Moore: http://3in30podcast.com/ep-017-3-keys-happier-marriage-jody-moore-bold-new-mom/ -Ep. 004 with Ralphie Jacobs: http://3in30podcast.com/yelling/ -Ellen Satyr, Expert on Positive and Joyful Eating and Feeding: https://www.ellynsatterinstitute.org/ -Division of Responsibility with Eating: https://www.ellynsatterinstitute.org/how-to-feed/the-division-of-responsibility-in-feeding/ -Amy McCready, Positive Parenting Solutions (When-Then tactic): https://www.positiveparentingsolutions.com/    

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