005: The Very Best Way You Can Support your Child in School // Amanda Hamilton Roos of Building the Bridge

Is your child's life at school a bit of a mystery to you? Whenever you ask what he/she did today, do you hear the lackluster response, "Oh, nothing." Amanda Roos taught high school English for nearly a decade before deciding to stay home with her three children. She has continued to be very involved in education by writing curriculum and developing a website called BuildingtheBridge.org. Her mission is to help families bridge the divide between home and school and build strong, effective partnerships. In today's podcast, she shares three easy steps for forming a "working relationship" with your child's teacher. Within the discussion, you will learn... -Why talking to your child's teacher about something other than school is so important -How to start these conversations without sounding like an awkward teenager on a blind date -How often you should "follow up" with teachers and in what ways -Why a little praise and gratitude goes a long way -What you should be asking to see within the classroom (Click episode webpage for full shownotes.)

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