003: Introducing Our Kids to Unexpected Heroes // Jennifer Brimhall of Raise the Good

"Children are great imitators--give them something great to imitate." Joy D. Jones Jennifer Brimhall, a mother of five and the founder of the website Raise the Good, believes that we can surround our children with good role models whom they will want to emulate.  These aren't superheroes with capes or celebrities with millions of dollars;   these are unexpected heroes, and we will find them all around us. In this episode, Jen goes into specifics about how we can introduce our children to... 1. Heroes in books and media 2. Role models in the world around them 3. Mentors in education. Listen in to glean incredible wisdom from an incredible mother! Episode Notes An outline and list of resources mentioned in the podcast is included below: 1. Heroes in books and media Books: Value Tales, Little House on the Prairie, Chronicles of Narnia TV Shows: Wild Kratts, Planet Earth documentaries, Mr. Rodgers on Youtube (ha!) Movies: Third Man on the Mountain Sign-up for Jen's Family Movie Night Suggestion List!! 2. Role Models in the world around them Check out the Hero Spotlights on Jen's website! Kayley Willis, a woman who feeds 130 children on the weekends Glenn Allgood, the bus driver who impacted Jen's life Keep watch for news articles about "heroes" and share them with your kids Point out everyday heroes around town, at the grocery store, and in daily interactions Ask your children to list three things they are grateful for and who is responsible for that blessing "Coming of Age Celebrations" with treasured family and friends Article outlining the tradition Jen's eBook about how to plan your own!! 3. Mentors in education Look into conferences, clubs, and personal mentorships (it never hurts to ask!) for your children to learn about their passions from experts in the field Rely on websites to teach your children Art For Kids Hub (elementary school) TheKidShouldSeeThis.com (middle school) Cash Flow and Constitution Quest (high school)

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