Dustin DiPerna - Meditation as a Technology of Consciousness

For full show notes visit: https://neurohacker.com/meditation-as-a-technology-of-consciousness-with-dustin-diperna In this episode, Dustin DiPerna discusses key stages of human development, and practices we can integrate into our lives to transform consciousness. He shares his framework for understanding the various areas of human growth - “wake up, grow up, clean up, show up.” In This Episode We Discussed: Stages of human development Relying on external authority vs having direct experience 3 technologies of meditation Esoteric practices that transform consciousness Why our ethics needs to catch up to our technological power 3 ways to begin evolving consciousness 4 ways to understand human growth Collective Insights and the work we do at Neurohacker Collective is supported by our community and from the sales of our product Qualia.  Use coupon code COLLECTIVEINSIGHTS FOR $20 off your first order.

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